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The Right Concrete Sealers for a Better Driveway

Driveway sealing is a necessity. Doing this will keep the concrete from forming fissures and getting discolored. Having your driveway sealed allows you to wash out oil or gas spills with ease. It is crucial that you know which concrete sealer is suitable for your driveway as there are several varieties to choose from.

Concrete driveway sealers come in two basic kinds, with each category divided in subgroups. By looking at the clear distinction between a sealer for penetration and a sealer for surface application, you will know which one to choose. A penetrating sealer can reach deep into the concrete for about a quarter of an inch to four inches, while a topical concrete sealer is limited only to the driveway surface.

The good thing about a penetrating sealer for concrete driveways is that it provides coverage for concrete gaps. It fortifies the driveway in the best way, and is more durable than a topical sealer. Topical sealer, on the other hand, costs less, yet provides ample fortification. The disadvantage is that it would have to be more frequently reapplied to the driveway due to its lack of durability. Still, the application of the sealer is as effortless as painting.

Upon choosing a penetrating sealer, you must identify which among a silane, a siliconate, and a silicate sealer you are to use. Silane concrete sealers are known for lasting as long as five to year years. But because it needs to be used in large amounts, it will come out more expensive than other sealers. Applying silane sealer results in darkened concrete color. A silicate sealer is an excellent seal for concrete since it permanently bonds with it. Its inability to properly penetrate smooth surfaces is one of its flaws. It works better in sealing rough concrete, so it is advisable to not use it on driveways. A siliconate driveway sealer is the best choice you could probably have. It fuses well with concrete and makes for an excellent seal as well. The driveway benefits from it as well in that it acts as both a sealing and repairing agent. Therefore, the sealer may be applied on the driveway the same day it had been installed.

Should you select a topical sealer for your driveway, you would also have to identify which kind. Silicone sealer is the cheapest yet, but it would not really be suitable for a driveway. A downside is that it wears off easily, and cannot resist scraping very well. An acrylic sealer can hold up to five years because it is sturdier. The price you will pay will be worth the immense value you will get from it. Lastly, another option is polyester sealer. Since it offers better quality than acrylic, it will come out to be more expensive. In the end, you will realize that paying for additional protection at such a high price would not be worth it.

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